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Updated: Mar 7, 2019

You had seasonal family photos done. Your kiddos had a holiday themed mini session {Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, Flag day...or whatever}

You posted them on social media and enjoyed all the wonderful comments and likes. That's what makes social media so fun...but those photos can do so much more for you!

Sure, you might not consider hanging these photos on your wall year round {it can be weird looking your kids in Christmas jammies in June}...but during the holiday you have personalized artwork of YOUR family! Not just some generic holiday signs!

These are Christmas themed photos from three seperate years

Art that is unique and personal

What better then to customize your wall art with photos of the people who matter most to you! By selecting your favorite holiday photos and printing them for your wall {think framed prints or canvases} you are creating something entirely unique to you. Yes, Target sells some pretty amazing art for the holidays...but every time you look at your little ones celebrating the season it will make your heart smile.

A trip down memory lane

By adding to your wall art year after will have a visual time line of you family during each holiday. You can see how everyone changed, or remember that specific moment. Maybe they were crying as a toddler, may be they said or did something silly, or maybe that picture captured their essence. Why not put these pictures on display and relive those moments every time you walk by.

Where should I put pictures?

Find a spot that is in need of some art {or any blank wall} or even a wall that has art on it. Don't worry if you current layout doesn't work or you don't want to add holes in your walls. Use command strips on the back of a frame or get small command hooks if you have a canvas. Once the season is over if the layout changes..just pull the the tab your you are ready to go!

If you have your photos done by a custom photographer he or she can help you design your layout with your current, previous and even future photographs.

Don't let your walls be boring during the holidays! Dress them up with your is so worth it! It doesn't have to be holidays either. Your photos have a seasonal feel {spring, summer, fall, winter} those too can be changed every season! Change up our walls and keep the memories alive!

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