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Why Hello there!!

 My name is Amy, I live in Frankfort Illinois, am a photographer, scientist, mother of twins, I could eat nothing but pizza and cheeseburgers {and french fries}, I like to make people laugh {often at my own expense}, I love fun socks, travel and the environment. 

But wait...You want to know about my photography.  That is why you are here.


I am a boutique/custom/full service photographer {or however you want to describe it}.  

I specialize in portraiture photography from kids to executives . 


What the heck is boutique photography?  The short answer is, it is all about YOU and making every step of the photo process simple, easy, fun and in the end getting photos and products you LOVE!


 Before we even book the photo shoot we will have a pre-consultation to talk your vision for the shoot.  You will get detailed information of the process and products I offer.   At the end of our meeting, if you feel we are a good fit we will book your photo shoot.  Up until the day of the shoot I am available for any tips, questions and concerns you may have. 


The main goal of the photo shoot is to have fun and be as stress free as possible.  After the shoot I hand edit the photos  and we will meet again for your photos reveal meeting {my favorite see your reactions}.  

What really makes the experience custom, is we work together to create beautiful photo products for you to cherish forever!


The images I capture will be yours to keep, to cherish forever as heirlooms...

as prints, artwork for your home or an album.

Not just digital images that will be forgotten down your social media "walls", 

tucked away in a drawer on a memory device, or hidden among

all the files on your computer or the cloud.

And the BEST  is all done for you!

High quality professional products, printed to their prefect specifications....

hand delivered to you...ready to be displayed!

All photography is is capturing light,

 with that light a moment is captured forever. 

When you look at your photograph, close your eyes,

feel your heart flutter, and you can relive that beautiful memory!

  {isn't that amazing}

Let me capture your light and together we will create your vision. 

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