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Tweens & Teens

When our little ones are babies and toddlers we can't get enough pictures of them!  As the grow older, and into the "tween" and teen years life gets busy.  We run our kids around in a million activities and although we still take so many pictures on our phones, usually reluctantly, but fail to capture portraits of them as we did when they were littles.  Tweens are 9~14,  this is the stage when they are gaining their independence and sense of self,  but still have those sweet childhood tendencies (which they will never admit to).  This is the last stage of childhood before...POOF they are all grown up. Teens 15~17 I consider big kids still, although they are becoming young adults they still need love an support from us.  


Although most kids this age are reluctant to take a photo, having a professional photo session is so much different than mom forcing them to take yet another phone pic.  A portrait session for your tween or teen can build self-confidence.  It allows them to express themselves with no judgement.  I work with them to let them create the images that they want, but also guide them to what looks good.  I edit the photos to bring out the best of their qualities, but I think it is important to leave what makes them them.  Though my lens, I can help them see themselves in a new light, gain confidence and a sense of self-worth.  There is nothing more special than being able to capture these moments and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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