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The Custom Photography Expericence

Custom photography is more then just a photo shoot it is an experience.  Pictures are taken every day with smart phones and fancy cameras.  But most of our pictures are instant gratification, a social media post, maybe printed on a holiday card, but for the most part our photos {even the professional ones} are quickly forgotten.

As a custom photographer, we work together to create a unique experience with beautiful finished artwork at the end of the process.  Digital photos are lost and forgotten on CDs and memory sticks in  drawers and on our social media pages.  Real photographs, printed on professional quality papers, canvas, metals, and wood have more longevity the a digital file.  They are truly archival and can be past down throughout our generations.


I don't just take pictures, I create art for you home.  I invest time, energy and love in every image, ensuring that it is the highest quality edit and product...just for you.  

Custom photography is an experience more the just "pictures taken".  We begin with the end {what the heck does that mean?}. Well, we talk about you want to "get out of the shoot" before we even meet for the session.  What this means is what pictures do you want displayed on the walls or tables in your home, do you want a photo book to archive your session, do you want individual prints to give as gifts or stored in boxes for archival? What is important to you? What do you value most? Together we will plan your photo shoot so it will be less stressful for you by the time the session occurs.  I think it is important that we truly get to know each other.  

The process begins with the pre-consultation, which I prefer to do in person.  This can be done in your home {at great place to discuss where you might like artwork}, coffee shop or even my home {which doubles as my studio}.  Then we have the session, preview and ordering appointment and finally delivery of your purchase.  


I offer several professional photographic art products specially designed for your space. This can include a wall portraits, products for your tables, heirloom albums and storage boxes.


The creative session fee formally books your portrait appointment and covers the pre-session consultation, your portrait session, post-session processing and preparation of your images and a viewing/ordering appointment . It does not include any prints or products. Clients may purchase products via “Create A Collection” or A La Carte.

As a custom photographer I work with YOU,  to make your photo session what you dream.

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